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Find your True Career Direction.

Each of us has an inner core which seeks to find harmony with what we believe and what truly matters to us. If our life values and profession are aligned, it gives us the ability to lead a life of great purpose.

Today, only 47% of Americans are truly satisfied with their jobs.1 Could it be that much of our work is missing many of the things that really make a difference to us? A great deal of scientific research suggests the three most critical human motivators are autonomy, mastery and impact.2

A career offering these three important qualities can, in many ways, be an ideal role – for it deeply satisfies human needs, and it allows us to feel we are in charge of our destiny.

Our Financial Representatives have a career that provides tremendous satisfaction by affording the opportunity to run your own practice and at the same time have the support of a Fortune 300 Company.

Financial Representatives run their own business and operate as entrepreneurs. You’ll receive tremendous up-front support and make your own decisions regarding markets, areas of specialization and the team with which you will surround yourself.

Master:  the financial services industry is constantly changing. The need to expand your knowledge in order to meet the evolving circumstances of your clients provides substantial intellectual satisfactions and the ingoing potential to improve your skills.

Impact:  Very few careers genuinely afford an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. It is by doing proper planning that the dreams and goals of the business owners, the families and the individuals we work with, are realized.  Few other careers have such a direct connection between their daily work and ultimate significance to others.

The ability to make a difference.

As a Financial Representative you will be in a position to consistently add value to your local community.  You will provide valuable financial knowledge and insight to those around you. Financial Representatives understand the tremendous meaning and importance of their work. In many ways it is not only a profession, it is a calling.  This may be the main difference compared to the typical job. If you have a calling, you wake up each morning with purpose, knowing the community you serve can be a better place.

Success Rate

So, how successful are the people entering this career opportunity? At Guardian, over the last five years, the success rate3 of our Financial Representatives has been at the top of the industry. Per LIMRA International, a financial services research firm, in 2012, the success rate of our Financial Representatives was more than two times better than the average competitor. In addition, after five years, an impressive 93% of our representatives choose to stay with Guardian and our affiliate agencies. Such retention demonstrates the tremendous job satisfaction our Financial Representatives enjoy as they have the freedom to create the type of planning practice that motivates them as individuals.

Exploring the Potential

Another question you are probably asking yourself is, “Can I make enough income to realize my lifestyle when I transition to this career?” We are proud to note the average earnings for Guardian Financial Representatives are among the highest in the industry.

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1 The Conference Board Job Satisfaction Study, Feb. 2013 

2 Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, Daniel M. Pink, 2009 

3 LIMRA Agent Production and Retention Report, 2013 (published October 2013)