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Phoenix Directory:

Phoenix Directory:

John Driscoll and Company, Inc.

5080 N. 40th Street, Suite 400
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Tel: (602) 957-7155
Toll-Free: (800) 354-3778
Fax: (602) 956-7711
Brokerage Fax: (602) 957-0566

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General Agent

Driscoll, John M.

Career Specialist 

Gotwalt, Kevin Email

Financial Representatives

Anderson, Maeser (outside office) Email  Website
Beckley, Richard  Email  Website
Berger, W. Craig Email  Website
Capps, Brandon (outside office) Email  Website
Cassutt, Christopher Email
Chuturbhuti, Pat Email 
Corso, Deborah (outside office) Email  Website
Davey, Randall Email
Driscoll, Aaron J. Email
Eagleston, John M. (outside office) Email  Website
Eagleston, Robert (outside office) Email  Website
Gotwalt, Kevin Email  Website
Grossman, Robert  Email  
Hauge, Pat Email  Bio  Website
Kirshner, Jeffrey (outside office) Email  Website 
Klarfeld, Michael (outside office) Email  Website 
Liokumovich, David  Email  Website
Litt, Christopher  Email  
Quitno, Kirk Email 
Rinas, Jordan
Sharp, Joshua (outside office) Email  Website
Shawl, Jon Email     
Singleton, Phil Email   
Slusher, Robert Email   
Stam, Jason Email  Website 
Steidl, HongRu  Email
Stivrins, Alex Email    
Swirsky, Robert Email
Thewalt, Matt  Email  Website
Weisbrod, Kevin Email
Yanayaco, Ari  Email
Ziemann, Lowell Email

Brokerage Assistance

Disability Income Specialist
Quitno, Kirk Email

Disability Income Specialist
Litt, Christopher Email

Life Brokerage Specialist
Gotwalt, Kevin Email

Life New Business Administrator
Horner, Sheila Email

Disability New Business Administrator
Little, Linda Email


Agency Staff

Director of Operations
Driscoll, Cindy Email

Director of Marketing & Systems
Caruso, Jenny Email

Agency Control Officer
Chuturbhuti, Pat Email

Investment Specialist
Stivrins, Alex Email

Policy Service Administrator
Zimmer, Judy Email

IT Manager
Brigham, Jason Email

Kathy Carras Email